I Am Born Rich and I can Become Rich

born rich

Your first thought is how can you be born Rich and then become Rich? Aren’t you Rich already then? The answer does not lie with traditional concepts of being Rich. Rich is associated with money. So is Wealth. But being Rich and Wealthy does not necessarily mean you have lots of money. 

I will establish for this blog that Rich and Wealthy can also mean Rich by mental, physical and emotional health and wisdom. I was born Rich because I had a loving family and a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes on my back. I had a childhood and friends to play with. I will become Rich because I have dreams and goals to build my own Empire in the video game industry, to succeed in my weight loss journey and to have my own family to pass down the Wealth. 

Author: Quaisha Thornton

Quaisha Thornton is an entrepreneur. She wears many hats as her new startup media company, Blaque and Blended Media is building to greatness. She created Rich, Born and Became as a way to overcome mental, physical and emotional scarring and to become healthier while she teaches others how to do the same.

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