#MasterMyWebsites Day 3 & 4

Day 3 and 4 of #MasterMyWebsites 7-day challenge

Day 3 and 4: 2/12/15 – 2/13/15

The Unexpected

Yesterday morning  while getting ready for work I nearly fainted coming out of the shower. I sat on my bed to collect myself and realized I was abnormally shaking. I had to go to the emergency room.

All this week my health has been deteriorating. Fatigue, lightheadedness and lack of energy plagued me. While in the emergency room, I took 4 tests and the doctors found nothing wrong except for a slight high reading for blood pressure.

The physician told me that I was most likely dehydrated and have a minor iron deficiency. That makes a lot of sense because I haven’t been eating my usual 3 meals a day and not drinking enough water. I was told to get plenty of rest and take the next day off, which meant I have a total of 5 days off. However,  yesterday was like a workday since I was in that hospital for 8.5 hours.

My Experience at New York Hospital of Queens

This is my second time in life as a patient at a hospital or rather emergency room.  Make that the third – I forgot the time I was 8 or younger and really sick. I was given a penicillin shot in my ass.


The hospital was very busy and for the first 3 hours,  the staff were fast with calling me for tests and registrations. But after, the wait times to receive further service were ridiculous. After the general emergency room,  I was sent to the main ER to the “patient’s only” comfy chairs. That was where I spent a chunk of time.

They didn’t offer me any food or water. Barely came by to check on me. When they did,  it was to give me more tests. After a few more hours I decided to wave someone down to get food before I passed out on the floor. The only food they gave me was jelly and applesauce. I thought I was going to a place to get better,  instead I felt the same if not worst when I finally left. The physicians did not give me any medicine or temporary relief. They just told me to go home and sleep.


I don’t wish hospital stay on anybody. Seeing people on portable hospital beds waiting for a room in the hallway and lined up is not only scary but stressful and sad. I don’t want to end up in a hospital bed with tubes stuck to me if I can help it.

Now is the time to accept what I can change and do it. Tomorrow is Day 5 and I am hoping to get a lot done.

Upcoming Tasks

  1. Since I sorted out my laundry on Day 1, I can now just go and wash my loads.
  2. Cleaning and organizing my room
  3. Installing Gantt Project and associating  tasks with each website for better management
  4. Finishing up my client’s website
  5. Playing Evolve on PS4


Author: Quaisha Thornton

Quaisha Thornton is an entrepreneur. She wears many hats as her new startup media company, Blaque and Blended Media is building to greatness. She created Rich, Born and Became as a way to overcome mental, physical and emotional scarring and to become healthier while she teaches others how to do the same.

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