She Had A Moment: Tribute to Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou first wrote her poetry, her teachings, her inspiration, her writings, did she know she would touch so many people? I know she had that moment when she asked herself. I had that moment too.

I honor Maya Angelou with this:

I know she had a moment in her life when she first realized that not only were her words meaningful but it personally spoke to people; that it changed people’s lives in a positive way. I’m sure she thought to herself, “How could my words possibly affect people like the way other Black poets and writers before me have? How could people even acknowledge me with these words?”

She probably at first wrote because she loved to write or it was therapy for her. She didn’t know when she started publically writing that she would touch millions with her love of spreading inspiration, writings and teachings. I too had those moments. And then I understood that my words can touch millions as well. After all, it has touched hundreds, maybe thousands so far. It’s crazy to know this as I’m writing because I just love to write. But I also realize I have the gift to just help people no matter what topics I know about or don’t know, I try to give myself to helping others along their path of righteousness and try to live better lives.

I realized I had a gift of writing and changing people’s minds and hearts when I wrote a graduation piece about my progress in a youth program. I was 17 years old at the time and was very shy and introverted. I had insecurities about my weight but I got up on stage anyway and began to speak. I just spoke from the heart and for that I received a standing ovation with tears from everyone who heard it. People that attended the ceremony were still talking about after 5 years. It had THAT effect.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you never know that the things you enjoy in life, when you share it with others it might change their thoughts, their minds, their souls. You never know that the words you speak or write from the heart can change resonate with so many people who are different from you. That’s why you should always guide people with your heart and give them the praise they need and the love they crave because its contagious and leads to a better and fulfilling lifestyle.

I thank you Maya Angelou for your teachings and words that helped me flourish into the writer, teacher and poet I am today.

Being Thankful

What are you thankful for?

ThanksGiving Day has came and went. Some stuffed our faces with great food and some went about their business as a normal day. The point of Thanksgiving is to shout out what you are thankful for. My aunt asked me this question: “What are you thankful for?”

I only got to list one of the things I’m thankful for at the time, however, there’s more I’d like to list: 

  1. Thankful for still having a home I can come to.
  2. Thankful for still having a family I can call and talk to.
  3. Thankful for having enough food to eat and clothes on my body.
  4. Thankful for having some money to get where I need to go.
  5. Thankful for having internet so that I can have the hope of making more money and staying in touch with long-distance friends.
  6. Thankful for cable and netflix even though I shouldn’t watch it as much as I do.
  7. Thankful for my video games, music, books, movies and other entertaining things to help keep me happy.
  8. Thankful for still being healthy although I need to lose weight.
  9. Thankful for not having any kids before I’m ready.
  10. And most of all Thankful for my 5-year relationship with my boyfriend. We do plan to marry but it’s no rush 😀
After all these things I am thankful for, it should not just be said on a holiday but said on each and everyday. So what are YOU thankful for? Acknowledging the things you have and being thankful for it is a good step towards being Rich WITHOUT money..