Facebook and Mental Wellness

Facebook on Health and Wellness: We want to provide enhanced tools and resources to help those with suicidal thoughts get the help they need.

Recently, I came across a friend on Facebook that was posting their personal thoughts about their lives. Unfortunately, these negative thoughts started leading toward committing suicide. I didn’t think I could help other than offering my shoulder to “cry on”. But if you are not close to your online friends other than interacting with them via social platforms, how could you help them? Why would they even talk to you or listen to you?
I came across a valuable news article in the Epoch Times newspaper. Facebook will offer its users online resources and support to help suicidal individuals. This service was made of a new collaboration between Facebook and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention. Its an organization based in the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Those who see suicidal posts can now report them to Facebook. Facebook will then tell you how you can help.


The Inner Workings of the System

When you see a post that suggests its author might consider suicide, you can click on a dropdown menu and report the post to Facebook. You’ll see a series of responses (those familiar with blocking people know it well) that asks you what you want to do. You can select the following options after selecting the appropriate topic:

• Send A Message to Author
• Contact Another Facebook Friend for Support
• Or Connect with a trained professional at a suicide helpline for guidance


Facebook reviews the reported post and offers support pop-up screens that automatically launches when the author logs back into the website. The screens ask them if they might want to receive help if they are still in distress. Coincidently, the responses link to a number of positive options such as videos from Now Matters Now. This program was started by Forefront research scientist Ursula Whiteside and it provides strategies and real-life accounts from real people who struggled with suicidal thoughts. It not only aims at suicidal people but to also educate and provide alternatives or guides for concerned friends or family members.


This is a step in the right direction for family and friends witnessing other family and friends on the edge and helping to cope with mental illness or disturbing life situations. No more do you have to stay quiet. Please call the suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for immediate intervention.


Source: “Facebook Adds Lifelines to Prevent Suicide” by Deborah Bach www.theepochtimes.com , March 13-19 2015.

Using Music To Combat Mental Illness

I Will Listen, But Will You? Let music be the voice of those who cannot speak about their mental illnesses for fear of persecution, bullying, and exile.

Millions of people look to music for inspiration or just to pass the time but others look to it to feel better about themselves, to belong or even to relate. Musicians have that power to move people. It’s only fitting that Musicians and organizations supporting musicians take on social issues that can empower the youth and hope for change in the way mental, physical and emotional problems hasn’t been tackled before.

“The NYC chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness has partnered with five New York bands to launch the “I Will Listen” album and movement,” Mike Vogel writes. Bands include Controller, Sweet Loraine, Boola featuring Jeni Fujita, Romans Are Alive and Jenna Kyle. You might not have heard of them but you have to start somewhere.

These participants received a set of guidelines to compose songs about their experience with mental illness. The album’s launch show is October 20th, 2014 at NYC’s Mercury Lounge while the album is FREE and available on IWillListen.org. The website has guidance on how to listen to people in need and using empathy to relate to one’s situation, being non judgmental. Although these guidelines should be taught in all schools and homes around the world as learning to be a decent human being but that is my opinion.

Please visit I Will Listen website for more information: http://naminyc.iwilllisten.org/ 

Source: “Effort on mental illness is music to my ears”, by Mike Vogel via amNewYork newspaper (amny.com)

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Treating PTSD in War Veterans with Less Drugs and More Therapeutic Treatments

Alternative Treatments to PSTD for War Veterans are becoming more and more successful rather than some traditional treatments including drug regimens.

Asking For Help

It’s hard for anyone to admit that they need therapy let alone war veterans. If you want to progress with success, ditch the “not-working” methods with fresh new experiments. You won’t know what works for you unless you try them all. Not referring to drugs. More drugs are never a good thing no matter who prescribes it.

Some alternative treatments that war veterans and others with brain injuries are using are:

  • Hikes
  • Scuba Diving
  • Horseback Riding
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Companion Dogs
  • Tai Chi
  • Fish-oil Supplements
  • High-Pressure Oxygen
  • Brain-Wave optimization technology (by Brain State Technologies)
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • BattleTap

The pressure is on the Department of Veterans Affairs to inform all veterans of available alternative treatments and therapeutic activities and to expand the range of treatments for those who don’t want nor can afford to rely on a regimen of drugs.

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome is an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic events, which can trigger nightmares, behavioral problems, emotional numbness, and extreme vigilance to perceived threats. PTSD is most common in war veterans but it is not limited to just this group. Those that experience trauma on a frequent basis such as domestic violence, abuse, bullying, extreme violence, extreme intolerance, can have PTSD. It is important to understand and to look out for symptoms associated with this disorder.

Through a recent study by the Federal Institute of Medicine, the Defense Department’s PTSD management program and VA’s program to screen, diagnose or treat PTSD were not using the best practices. They were poor or mediocre at best, only proving that traditional PTSD treatments are not working on a large-scale.

There are some other treatments that have been admired in treating PTSD:

  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy


Help Is On The Way

Legislation from Mr. Ryan and Rep. Rich Nugent (R., Fla.), has been introduced to create 10 centers across the U.S. offering pilot programs complementary and alternative mental-health treatment and pain management. Though the bill hasn’t reached the House floor as of yet.

For more information about organizations offering alternative therapy to treat PTSD, please visit the following links:


Source WSJ Online

Are you a war veteran, suffer from brain injuries or know war veterans or brain injured patients? If so, what treatments (if you don’t mind sharing) are you using and how are they working for you? Let me know in the comment area, send me a tweet at @QAThornton or reply to this post on Facebook or Google+!

3D Printed Organs Spelling Doom For Humanity?

Doctors at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine just opened a new possibility to testing live organs by 3D printing them.

It’s about time science has come to the point where we can make generic organs for useful vaccine testing and the like. No more animal testing, they’re on the back burner. We’re in the era of 3D printing – 3D printing cars, miniature brains and now organs! What’s next on the list? 3D printing my house? Furniture? Limbs? Who says you can’t get a sense of what’s to come in the future by watching science fiction movies! If someone can think it up, then someone can build it if the science, technology and philosophy is there.

This Spells Doom?

But one can argue that this line of science can bring a doom to humanity. Do you think humanity is already doomed to fail or can we recover and rebuild the environment? I think if everyone starts working towards a better tomorrow, no one will have to think “if this science falls in the wrong hands” type of deal. You will have your idiots in this new world but they can be checked. I also believe things will get a lot worse now before they get better tomorrow. These 3D printed organs, if further down the line are used to replace failed organs, will most certainly be sold at extremely high prices that only the rich and wealthy can afford. And suddenly you’ll have a world such as the one in the film “Repo” where there’s repo men going around taking back organs that people failed to pay.

Printed Money May Be Printing Your Soul

If we as a species stop looking at printed money as a source of health, happiness and success, then we can look at the bigger picture. All nature’s resources should and must be made available to all who live on this Earth. That is why there is such an abundance to begin with. Humans creating scarcity of resources because of greed, manipulation and power are destroying the only planet we have to live on and the other living creatures and plants in existence. Short term wealth does not equal to long-term survival for the living. You can’t take your money with you when you die. Wise up, realize that these powerful people don’t give a crap about you except your manual labor, and then fight for your survival!

View the following video: Living Kidneys Printed Out in E China


How do you feel about this technology and science allowing us to 3D print living organs?

Source – TechBeat

First Miniature Human Brain Grown – Not Playing God

The first miniature human brain grown in a laboratory is making headlines around the world some not for the actual achievement of growing a brain.

One might assume that this would be “playing god” but I beg to differ. Although we all “play god” when we judge each other, kill each other, destroy each other in every way possible. But we also are kind to each other, love each other and create with each other in every way possible.

On to the story…

The human brain grown in a lab by Austrian researchers is equal to the size and development of a 9-week old fetus. Since no oxygen and blood were constantly fed to the mini brain, it didn’t grow pass that nor did it have multiple functions that a brain usually has. This experience is a wonderful step in the right direction for researching mental health and neurological disorders. We need to be putting money into this to better understand the brain because the brain controls everything – our thoughts, our behaviors, our chemicals that cause emotions.

So before you start judging, as a species, we were born with brains that could keep learning and to keep growing as a living creature. If we have the ability to research and learn to improve humanity, then why not use it? Of course, if you’re using research to improve the destruction of humanity and nature, then I’d say you’re not using your gifts properly and you need to be checked.

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