#MasterMyWebsites Day 1 Epilogue

Mastering my websites, Day 1 Epilogue

So far Day 1 has been unexpected yet enlightening. My EAP appointment went well even though my physical health went downhill as the day went on.

I feel like its a setback because the time I thought I would have to spend on my project wasn’t there at all. Getting home took longer than expected and it took a lot out of me.  My performance suffered and I feel like a failure. To me,  its just yet another sabotage although time is something no one can control. I have unnecessary baggage.

I’ll keep writing everyday my challenge entries to keep my readers up to date. A full Day 1 entry about today is coming tomorrow.

Change is good, “BUT” is no excuse

Time to toss New Year’s Resolutions out the ballroom and “Vice-Shame” your way to success.

New Year’s Resolutions never worked for me because I never gave it any power; never any thought; didn’t take it seriously. Perhaps there’s an alternative way of making public my resolutions and sticking to them – by making public my faults I want to change. I’ll call it “vice-shaming”.

I suffer from compulsive behaviors and extraordinary procrastination. I believe the procrastination is due to depression, which seems to be more of the case since after I graduated college and around the time I started building and trying to launch my websites. Anyone who suffers from depression knows how it feels when you try to set goals and to-do lists only to see none of it done, and you taking a beating because you feel you can’t live up to the most simple things. Depression leaks into everything you are and do. You might have it so long that it becomes normal practice not to feel like doing anything because you have lost your drive to even try. I can’t even call it “trying” anymore when I map out what I want to do with my life because I am always self-sabotaging my efforts.

In this extraordinary case, what does a person do when most of their efforts are self-sabotaging? Perhaps by “Vice-shaming”, they can start to see the areas they need to work on. Here’s how it goes:

A typical New Year’s Resolution: I want to lose or will lose 10 pounds. 

Assigning a realistic goal:  “I will lose 10 pounds by July 2015 or 2 pounds a month by: cutting back 1500 calories a week and doing 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.”

Vice-Shaming: “Eating 2 cups of ice cream before I go to bed gives me a headache in the morning. I don’t like nor want a headache to start off my day anymore.” 

Solution: “Maybe a half an apple can satisfy my taste for something.”

With the Vice-Shaming, you didn’t persecute yourself into making a change. You acknowledged a behavior and then said you don’t want to repeat it because it made you feel a certain way. As you acknowledge behaviors and observe how they make you and others feel around you, then you start to change from the inside out. 

It’s always about feeling good about YOU. When YOU feel good and happy, others will want to be around you more often and they get that energy and feel good too. Now you’ll be SPREADING the good feelings all over the place. Therefore, change is good!

The You Laws: How Important It Is To Be Yourself

Its very important to be yourself. Why? Because we said so…

In a world where sheep fellow trends religiously and without prejudice, its important more than ever to be yourself. From social media trends to mobile devices, its time to ditch the popular and create your own success. Nothing is wrong with seeking advice, but when that advice tells you to just do what they do, that’s no longer advice, its sheep-training. 


You need to configure strategies and tips that compliment your spirituality, your physical and mental health, and not just another project or business venture. Branding used to be all about how what you do directly reflects your personality. But now, your personality is on the back-burner and you’re allowing these “gurus” to take control of your brand then mold it the way they made money. But it’s not about how THEY made their money. It’s about how YOU are going to be successful. 

Don't Apologize For Being Yourself
Courtesy keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Have you ever stop to look at your social media timelines and see numerous people posting similar content and presentation ALL the time? They are like clones of each other because they actually got the same “guru” advice from the same source. Not only that but they keep sharing the same content from the same sources. How many inspirational quotes you really need without a personal story to go with it? Who is actually using this advice and is it really helpful? 

Don’t look to this as advice for the new year. Look to this as a prep talk that you should start listening to yourself more often than someone else who doesn’t know you at all. And who knows, maybe you will surprise yourself and come up with a masterpiece! 

Until the next You Laws Column, Stay Rich Without Money!