#MasterMyWebsites Day 2

Day 2 of #MasterMyWebsites Challenge

Day 2: 2/11/15

I told myself that I would stay accountable no matter what happens and that I should document my challenge everyday.

This week so far has proven to be difficult physically and emotionally. Not with the challenge but in my daily life. I’m pressing on as trying not to take off any more time at work. But my body is slowly shutting down.

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#MasterMyWebsites Day 1

Day 1 of #MasterMyWebsites challenge

Day 1: 2/10/15

The Unexpected

I had an appointment with EAP that helps city employees with a range of personal issues such as mental health, fitness and hygiene, work life, home life, and more. Getting home from Manhattan on the 2/3 train lines proved to be a painful journey. By the time I arrived home, my right foot was swollen. No laundry for me.

Earlier today I suffered a thigh injury with the subway turnstiles. I laughed at a young girl whose MetroCard wouldn’t swipe right, and then the gods punished me with a thigh poker made out of the turnstiles poles. I limped in pain for the rest of the day.

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#MasterMyWebsites Day 1 Epilogue

Mastering my websites, Day 1 Epilogue

So far Day 1 has been unexpected yet enlightening. My EAP appointment went well even though my physical health went downhill as the day went on.

I feel like its a setback because the time I thought I would have to spend on my project wasn’t there at all. Getting home took longer than expected and it took a lot out of me.  My performance suffered and I feel like a failure. To me,  its just yet another sabotage although time is something no one can control. I have unnecessary baggage.

I’ll keep writing everyday my challenge entries to keep my readers up to date. A full Day 1 entry about today is coming tomorrow.

#MasterMyWebsites 7-day Challenge

Completing my 7 websites in 7 days challenge. Will I succeed?

What is this challenge?

Master My Websites is a challenge set myself to finish all my websites in 7 days. I would like to at least complete a website per day but overall have all websites finished (ready for user feedback) in 7 days. This challenge starts today and finishes on February 16, 2015.

Why do this challenge?

I have procrastinated for far too long with these projects. Its time to have accountability and focus for a change. This is one of my changes in 2015.

How will I measure my progress?

My progress meter will contain a set of bars with web design tasks that will launch my websites. I can use Gantt management software to visually see the progression.

I can allocate about 5-6 hours a weekday to the challenge. At work, a total of 2-3 hours if not overly busy; at home, 3 hours if my procrastination doesn’t set in. I don’t want to pull overnights. On weekends I can pull 8+ hours. 

Maybe I’ll split the tasks up with content vs visuals.  I can get more done if i have full concentrate on weekends then during the week when it comes to designing. I can write articles up, no problems.

What do I hope to accomplish with this challenge?

I hope I can finally finish what I started. I have big plans for my websites, my brands and getting the websites finished is just the first step. But that’s just the surface. Finishing up this project, which has been in effect since 2011, will mean that I have finally faced down the Assassin that plagues my soul and my mind for years. It will mean I have battled and conquered my depression, my compulsive disorder, my anxiety, and fear of success. It would be a tremendous feat in my life. This is why I have to document my feelings during the challenge. Maybe even make a video on it.

Am I ready?

No. I am not. However I’m tired of not being ready.

Change is good, “BUT” is no excuse

Time to toss New Year’s Resolutions out the ballroom and “Vice-Shame” your way to success.

New Year’s Resolutions never worked for me because I never gave it any power; never any thought; didn’t take it seriously. Perhaps there’s an alternative way of making public my resolutions and sticking to them – by making public my faults I want to change. I’ll call it “vice-shaming”.

I suffer from compulsive behaviors and extraordinary procrastination. I believe the procrastination is due to depression, which seems to be more of the case since after I graduated college and around the time I started building and trying to launch my websites. Anyone who suffers from depression knows how it feels when you try to set goals and to-do lists only to see none of it done, and you taking a beating because you feel you can’t live up to the most simple things. Depression leaks into everything you are and do. You might have it so long that it becomes normal practice not to feel like doing anything because you have lost your drive to even try. I can’t even call it “trying” anymore when I map out what I want to do with my life because I am always self-sabotaging my efforts.

In this extraordinary case, what does a person do when most of their efforts are self-sabotaging? Perhaps by “Vice-shaming”, they can start to see the areas they need to work on. Here’s how it goes:

A typical New Year’s Resolution: I want to lose or will lose 10 pounds. 

Assigning a realistic goal:  “I will lose 10 pounds by July 2015 or 2 pounds a month by: cutting back 1500 calories a week and doing 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.”

Vice-Shaming: “Eating 2 cups of ice cream before I go to bed gives me a headache in the morning. I don’t like nor want a headache to start off my day anymore.” 

Solution: “Maybe a half an apple can satisfy my taste for something.”

With the Vice-Shaming, you didn’t persecute yourself into making a change. You acknowledged a behavior and then said you don’t want to repeat it because it made you feel a certain way. As you acknowledge behaviors and observe how they make you and others feel around you, then you start to change from the inside out. 

It’s always about feeling good about YOU. When YOU feel good and happy, others will want to be around you more often and they get that energy and feel good too. Now you’ll be SPREADING the good feelings all over the place. Therefore, change is good!

I Thought I’d Be Happy If

From birth we are told what would make us happy. We can’t be told what would make us happy, we have to seek it from within ourselves.

When we are young, we are told what others think will make us happy. We are told to do this to get here or do that to get there. We are never told that happiness starts within us and in order to find true happiness, we have to look within ourselves. Growing up, you are already seeking the wrong answers to the most profound problems. These problems and solutions lies within us and us alone. You are your enemy and your best friend.

Last year, I thought finding a stable job would make me happy. For some aspects it does, but those same aspects are proving to be false ideologies. What is the point of funding a lifestyle that has no meaning or value? What is the point of suffering in a job you dislike when your personal life isn’t even fulfilling? Once again, these questions can be answered within.

At first my new job was just a means to get to my ultimate goal. But I have lost sight of my goals and my motivation. I am too comfortable. I am too comfortable not being fulfilled. That is a dangerous road because then I would seek more pain and sabotage my efforts to get out of my black hole. And I keep thinking to myself, as long as I recognize there’s a black hole then I can deter from it. That’s not the case anymore as I am falling head first into it seemingly on purpose.

So what do I do now? I still haven’t found that answer quite yet but there is something that does make me happier and that’s to build and live off of my own empire because it’s something I built from scratch.

Using Music To Combat Mental Illness

I Will Listen, But Will You? Let music be the voice of those who cannot speak about their mental illnesses for fear of persecution, bullying, and exile.

Millions of people look to music for inspiration or just to pass the time but others look to it to feel better about themselves, to belong or even to relate. Musicians have that power to move people. It’s only fitting that Musicians and organizations supporting musicians take on social issues that can empower the youth and hope for change in the way mental, physical and emotional problems hasn’t been tackled before.

“The NYC chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness has partnered with five New York bands to launch the “I Will Listen” album and movement,” Mike Vogel writes. Bands include Controller, Sweet Loraine, Boola featuring Jeni Fujita, Romans Are Alive and Jenna Kyle. You might not have heard of them but you have to start somewhere.

These participants received a set of guidelines to compose songs about their experience with mental illness. The album’s launch show is October 20th, 2014 at NYC’s Mercury Lounge while the album is FREE and available on IWillListen.org. The website has guidance on how to listen to people in need and using empathy to relate to one’s situation, being non judgmental. Although these guidelines should be taught in all schools and homes around the world as learning to be a decent human being but that is my opinion.

Please visit I Will Listen website for more information: http://naminyc.iwilllisten.org/ 

Source: “Effort on mental illness is music to my ears”, by Mike Vogel via amNewYork newspaper (amny.com)

Are you struggling with your mental illness and use music to help get through? Please share your story and your favorite musicians in the comments or tweet me at @SerasFury!

Treating PTSD in War Veterans with Less Drugs and More Therapeutic Treatments

Alternative Treatments to PSTD for War Veterans are becoming more and more successful rather than some traditional treatments including drug regimens.

Asking For Help

It’s hard for anyone to admit that they need therapy let alone war veterans. If you want to progress with success, ditch the “not-working” methods with fresh new experiments. You won’t know what works for you unless you try them all. Not referring to drugs. More drugs are never a good thing no matter who prescribes it.

Some alternative treatments that war veterans and others with brain injuries are using are:

  • Hikes
  • Scuba Diving
  • Horseback Riding
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Companion Dogs
  • Tai Chi
  • Fish-oil Supplements
  • High-Pressure Oxygen
  • Brain-Wave optimization technology (by Brain State Technologies)
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • BattleTap

The pressure is on the Department of Veterans Affairs to inform all veterans of available alternative treatments and therapeutic activities and to expand the range of treatments for those who don’t want nor can afford to rely on a regimen of drugs.

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome is an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic events, which can trigger nightmares, behavioral problems, emotional numbness, and extreme vigilance to perceived threats. PTSD is most common in war veterans but it is not limited to just this group. Those that experience trauma on a frequent basis such as domestic violence, abuse, bullying, extreme violence, extreme intolerance, can have PTSD. It is important to understand and to look out for symptoms associated with this disorder.

Through a recent study by the Federal Institute of Medicine, the Defense Department’s PTSD management program and VA’s program to screen, diagnose or treat PTSD were not using the best practices. They were poor or mediocre at best, only proving that traditional PTSD treatments are not working on a large-scale.

There are some other treatments that have been admired in treating PTSD:

  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy


Help Is On The Way

Legislation from Mr. Ryan and Rep. Rich Nugent (R., Fla.), has been introduced to create 10 centers across the U.S. offering pilot programs complementary and alternative mental-health treatment and pain management. Though the bill hasn’t reached the House floor as of yet.

For more information about organizations offering alternative therapy to treat PTSD, please visit the following links:


Source WSJ Online

Are you a war veteran, suffer from brain injuries or know war veterans or brain injured patients? If so, what treatments (if you don’t mind sharing) are you using and how are they working for you? Let me know in the comment area, send me a tweet at @QAThornton or reply to this post on Facebook or Google+!

She Had A Moment: Tribute to Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou first wrote her poetry, her teachings, her inspiration, her writings, did she know she would touch so many people? I know she had that moment when she asked herself. I had that moment too.

I honor Maya Angelou with this:

I know she had a moment in her life when she first realized that not only were her words meaningful but it personally spoke to people; that it changed people’s lives in a positive way. I’m sure she thought to herself, “How could my words possibly affect people like the way other Black poets and writers before me have? How could people even acknowledge me with these words?”

She probably at first wrote because she loved to write or it was therapy for her. She didn’t know when she started publically writing that she would touch millions with her love of spreading inspiration, writings and teachings. I too had those moments. And then I understood that my words can touch millions as well. After all, it has touched hundreds, maybe thousands so far. It’s crazy to know this as I’m writing because I just love to write. But I also realize I have the gift to just help people no matter what topics I know about or don’t know, I try to give myself to helping others along their path of righteousness and try to live better lives.

I realized I had a gift of writing and changing people’s minds and hearts when I wrote a graduation piece about my progress in a youth program. I was 17 years old at the time and was very shy and introverted. I had insecurities about my weight but I got up on stage anyway and began to speak. I just spoke from the heart and for that I received a standing ovation with tears from everyone who heard it. People that attended the ceremony were still talking about after 5 years. It had THAT effect.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you never know that the things you enjoy in life, when you share it with others it might change their thoughts, their minds, their souls. You never know that the words you speak or write from the heart can change resonate with so many people who are different from you. That’s why you should always guide people with your heart and give them the praise they need and the love they crave because its contagious and leads to a better and fulfilling lifestyle.

I thank you Maya Angelou for your teachings and words that helped me flourish into the writer, teacher and poet I am today.

Spring is Green – Blog Design Update

Rich, Born and Became now has the blog design color palette to match its content – Green with a touch of beige and lots of space for content.

In recent days, New York, NY has experienced a varied range of weather patterns practically overnight. Sometimes its Spring, sometimes its Autumn or Winter and a couple of times it was hot enough to wear just a blazer. With this dramatic change,  I bring you a slight change in blog design.

New Features

The new Rich, Born and Became blog is updated with a new can of paint – green colors with a beige complimentary. The new header is from the previous blog design which will be changed sometime this week. We also have a featured slider on the homepage.

Feedback Questions For Our Readers

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