#MasterMyWebsites Day 5 Epilogue

Day 5 Epilogue of #MasterMyWebsites 7-day Challenge.

What do I hope to accomplish today? Any progress is better then no progress. Any finished task brings me closer to my goals. If I keep moving then I’ll get to the finish line or at least hit the markers mapping out the course.

The You Laws: Bringing It All Together

Bringing it all together – Body, Mind and Soul. You can’t do a complete change without changing every aspect of your being.


You can’t do a complete change of lifestyle without changing every aspect of your being – your body, mind and soul need to be brought together.

I learned this while trying to succeed at my weight loss. After almost a year, there are some aspects in my life that hasn’t changed for the better. The motivation has improved but is not where it needs to be. My procrastination is still raging rampant perhaps due to less energy since my motivation is lacking.

I thought about it for a bit and made some distinctions. When I force myself to come out of my comfort zone, I feel better and more alive. A couple of weeks ago, I had to get up at 5:30 AM to visit my grandfather so that my mom could treat us to breakfast and to paint the town ‘Red’. My normal wake up time is after 12:00 PM. You can only imagine how cranky I was when I woke up. Surprisingly, I felt really good and full of energy given that I only slept 3-4 hours that night.

Another distinction I made is the times I eat meals and snacks. If I eat every 2-3 hours I don’t eat big portions and then I don’t feel full and can’t move. These are body changes, so what about mind and soul changes?


I like to day-dream a lot about my glorious future, where I want to live, how my dream job will look like, and how awesome my marriage would be. Positive thoughts are what changes your mind fields. Keeping thinking positive thoughts and those positive thoughts manifest itself with the help of the Universe energy waves. They bring back positive results to you. I experienced this when for a few months I kept thinking about how happy I would be to get some money to pay for my web hosting every month. And every month, though not a substantial amount, I received money which was mostly used to pay for web hosting.

To give my soul some challenge, I have to fulfill the goals I set for myself in both personal and business wise. Currently, only 1/3 of the goals I set for myself are completed and the year is almost half way gone. This is unacceptable and I am writing this to hold myself accountable. Bringing it all together is the only way I can make a complete lifestyle change and to finally become the person I know I can be.

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