That Room On The Floor Of Life

What is behind The Room? We all have access to our own rooms of life. But we need help navigating to it or even getting the right set of keys.

The Room

You know what they say about doors – when one closes another opens.

But what if you already have the key and know the room number but just don’t know the floor?

That’s where it gets interesting. You become a detective and an adventurer trying different floors until you come to the right one.

I feel like that right now. I finally made it to the floor and I have the key in my hand and heading towards the room.

What’s in the room you say? The life that I want and need. Everything is exactly how it’s suppose to be leading up to this moment. Just a few more adjustments with turning the key and I’ll be in there.

Wish me luck while I make my own reservation with THE ROOM!

You’ll see what I mean in due time. 

#MasterMyWebsites Day 7

The last day of #MasterMyWebsites, day 7. What did I learn from this past week about myself?

Day 7: 2/16/15

Its Only The Beginning

Though this is the last day of my 7-day challenge, the mission is not finished. My challenge won’t be over until my website goals are completed. I had a health setback mixed with procrastination. No matter how you slice it, one has to always prepare for setbacks and disappointments.

Today was a good day though. I got a late start but managed to get a few things done.

I cleaned my room and did some laundry. I didn’t finish all my laundry as I had 5 loads, but cut it to 3 left. I also did some WordPress development on my client’s website, It’s not much, but there’s only a handful of tasks left to complete before I can launch the website.

Physical Observations

Still feeling week and dehydrated. Not drinking enough water although I’m drinking plenty of Crystal Light juice. I’m not eating as healthy as I should but I’m not eating big portions either. I’ve been mostly sleeping for the week.

Emotional Observations

Mostly satisfied today except for getting sick. I was definitely having a good time this weekend although plans got changed since I wasn’t feeling 100%. Once I get back into the groove later this week, I’ll have more energy and confidence to continue my challenge.

Upcoming Tasks

  • Finish chores
  • Complete my client’s website
  • Write posts for and

Challenge Accepted

I did not complete my 7-day challenge. I realized I set an unrealistic goal for my usual lifestyle and ended up failing before I even start. However, its good to know your shortcomings. I still accept this challenge for the rest of the month – Saturday, February 28, 2015, to complete my web development project. I will still blog everyday about my progress. I learned that I have to be honest with myself and what I think I can handle. If I bite off more than I chew, it doesn’t go well when trying to talk and chew. I have to learn how to distinguish a reasonable goal versus a dream goal.

What are your thoughts on my 7-day challenge?
Want to read the challenge from the beginning? Click here or search “Mastermywebsites” ON THE SITE.

Understand what is #MasterMyWebsites 7-day challenge.

#MasterMyWebsites Day 5 & 6

Day 5 and 6 of #MasterMyWebsites 7-day challenge

Day 5 and 6: 2/14/15 – 2/15/15

Valentine’s Day

I didn’t expect too much progress today since my Grandmother and fiancé came over. It was a family affair. Meanwhile I was still combating dehydration and lack of rest. I had some fun though and that counts.

The Day After

Sundays are always sluggish for me. I did manage to clean my room half way. Yay for progress! and this meant I was feeling a lot better. Still, I felt burdened with not being able to keep up with my 7-day challenge. I was sleeping a lot during the last 5 days and still not 100%.

What I learned/Value

While watching some movie or television show over the weekend, I came across a dilemma that involved one following their dreams no matter what? They were either striking out on their own or searching for a new career. Either way, they had enough with their current job situation. Someone asked me if I would leave my job and go back to private sector. I said, the only way I would go back to private sector is if I had my own business and I was working for myself. I will stay in public sector just until I can afford to strike out on my own with my empire.

In order to do this, I have to build up my empire and it starts with these websites. My health is improving again so there’s no need to shy away now. Full throttle ahead!

#MasterMyWebsites Day 5 Epilogue

Day 5 Epilogue of #MasterMyWebsites 7-day Challenge.

What do I hope to accomplish today? Any progress is better then no progress. Any finished task brings me closer to my goals. If I keep moving then I’ll get to the finish line or at least hit the markers mapping out the course.

#MasterMyWebsites Day 3 & 4

Day 3 and 4 of #MasterMyWebsites 7-day challenge

Day 3 and 4: 2/12/15 – 2/13/15

The Unexpected

Yesterday morning  while getting ready for work I nearly fainted coming out of the shower. I sat on my bed to collect myself and realized I was abnormally shaking. I had to go to the emergency room.

All this week my health has been deteriorating. Fatigue, lightheadedness and lack of energy plagued me. While in the emergency room, I took 4 tests and the doctors found nothing wrong except for a slight high reading for blood pressure.

The physician told me that I was most likely dehydrated and have a minor iron deficiency. That makes a lot of sense because I haven’t been eating my usual 3 meals a day and not drinking enough water. I was told to get plenty of rest and take the next day off, which meant I have a total of 5 days off. However,  yesterday was like a workday since I was in that hospital for 8.5 hours.

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#MasterMyWebsites Day 3 Epilogue

Day 3 Epilogue of #MasterMyWebsites

Day 3 Epilogue

Clearing clutter from my mind, body, spirit and room. Can I finally get some exercise and meditation in for a better chance of progressing through the project?

#MasterMyWebsites Day 2

Day 2 of #MasterMyWebsites Challenge

Day 2: 2/11/15

I told myself that I would stay accountable no matter what happens and that I should document my challenge everyday.

This week so far has proven to be difficult physically and emotionally. Not with the challenge but in my daily life. I’m pressing on as trying not to take off any more time at work. But my body is slowly shutting down.

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#MasterMyWebsites Day 1

Day 1 of #MasterMyWebsites challenge

Day 1: 2/10/15

The Unexpected

I had an appointment with EAP that helps city employees with a range of personal issues such as mental health, fitness and hygiene, work life, home life, and more. Getting home from Manhattan on the 2/3 train lines proved to be a painful journey. By the time I arrived home, my right foot was swollen. No laundry for me.

Earlier today I suffered a thigh injury with the subway turnstiles. I laughed at a young girl whose MetroCard wouldn’t swipe right, and then the gods punished me with a thigh poker made out of the turnstiles poles. I limped in pain for the rest of the day.

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#MasterMyWebsites Day 1 Epilogue

Mastering my websites, Day 1 Epilogue

So far Day 1 has been unexpected yet enlightening. My EAP appointment went well even though my physical health went downhill as the day went on.

I feel like its a setback because the time I thought I would have to spend on my project wasn’t there at all. Getting home took longer than expected and it took a lot out of me.  My performance suffered and I feel like a failure. To me,  its just yet another sabotage although time is something no one can control. I have unnecessary baggage.

I’ll keep writing everyday my challenge entries to keep my readers up to date. A full Day 1 entry about today is coming tomorrow.

She Had A Moment: Tribute to Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou first wrote her poetry, her teachings, her inspiration, her writings, did she know she would touch so many people? I know she had that moment when she asked herself. I had that moment too.

I honor Maya Angelou with this:

I know she had a moment in her life when she first realized that not only were her words meaningful but it personally spoke to people; that it changed people’s lives in a positive way. I’m sure she thought to herself, “How could my words possibly affect people like the way other Black poets and writers before me have? How could people even acknowledge me with these words?”

She probably at first wrote because she loved to write or it was therapy for her. She didn’t know when she started publically writing that she would touch millions with her love of spreading inspiration, writings and teachings. I too had those moments. And then I understood that my words can touch millions as well. After all, it has touched hundreds, maybe thousands so far. It’s crazy to know this as I’m writing because I just love to write. But I also realize I have the gift to just help people no matter what topics I know about or don’t know, I try to give myself to helping others along their path of righteousness and try to live better lives.

I realized I had a gift of writing and changing people’s minds and hearts when I wrote a graduation piece about my progress in a youth program. I was 17 years old at the time and was very shy and introverted. I had insecurities about my weight but I got up on stage anyway and began to speak. I just spoke from the heart and for that I received a standing ovation with tears from everyone who heard it. People that attended the ceremony were still talking about after 5 years. It had THAT effect.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you never know that the things you enjoy in life, when you share it with others it might change their thoughts, their minds, their souls. You never know that the words you speak or write from the heart can change resonate with so many people who are different from you. That’s why you should always guide people with your heart and give them the praise they need and the love they crave because its contagious and leads to a better and fulfilling lifestyle.

I thank you Maya Angelou for your teachings and words that helped me flourish into the writer, teacher and poet I am today.