That Room On The Floor Of Life

What is behind The Room? We all have access to our own rooms of life. But we need help navigating to it or even getting the right set of keys.

The Room

You know what they say about doors – when one closes another opens.

But what if you already have the key and know the room number but just don’t know the floor?

That’s where it gets interesting. You become a detective and an adventurer trying different floors until you come to the right one.

I feel like that right now. I finally made it to the floor and I have the key in my hand and heading towards the room.

What’s in the room you say? The life that I want and need. Everything is exactly how it’s suppose to be leading up to this moment. Just a few more adjustments with turning the key and I’ll be in there.

Wish me luck while I make my own reservation with THE ROOM!

You’ll see what I mean in due time.