The Gratitude Syndrome

How many of you have or show gratitude? This includes showing gratitude online. Your hands probably went down on that one. Gratitude is different from thankfulness. Thankful is receiving something and being appreciative. Gratitude is giving or showing something in return for receiving something. In other words, rewarding or receiving rewards for your contribution without requesting or seeking it.

The gratitude Syndrome is simply having more gratitude than normal. How often do we give gratitude or be in gratitude with ourselves? We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the awesome things we do. In each technologically advanced society since Egyptians civilization and those close resembling it, most humans lost the “thank yourself” gratitude. We’d rather give credit to someone else for what we do as a person. It’s time to get the Syndrome back and give yourself credit. After all, no one lives your life and makes your choices but you!

Posts in this feature will inspire you to be grateful for the love you receive and the love you give, will make you become closer to your fellow-man and animals and treat them with the gratitude they should receive online and offline. If we all aspire to change our behaviors to that of kindness and gratitude, our world would be a better place.

The Gratitude Syn

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