Wealth and Success Defined

How would you define wealth? Then how would you define success from that wealth? Each person has their own perception of what wealth and success means. Most just compare what they don’t have to people who do have. How can something so superficial mean EVERYTHING to people? Simple put, your measure of success and wealth is unique to only you. Each person has different opportunities, different lifestyles, different careers, hobbies, and so on. The way they reach success will be totally different from yours.


The fundamental meaning behind success is the moment you have reached the goals you set for yourself. Success is always changing because your goals is always changing. When you have reached those goals then you set new ones for yourself therefore your success overall is restarted. You can give yourself a success rate, which is how often you complete goals you set for yourself. Your 100% rate would equal to the completion of goals in a fixed certain amount of time. For example, say you make 10 new goals every month. You complete about 8 goals a month. Your success rate would be 80% for any given month. This is how I would define success. Happiness is a whole other thing and should not be success because you want happiness to stay constant.


I would define wealth to be a constant of great health for all aspects of life. Wealth should not be lumped in with money so smoothly because money is lost or gained practically everyday. You can have enough money to where your lost won’t affect your life, but it’s still an inconsistency and you can only control it so much.


Success, through task and project management and wealth, through enlightenment, should always be part of the overall lifestyle. The Wealth and Success section gives you advice, tips and success stories of how to achieve wealth and success in your life. This isn’t about get rich quick schemes or balancing your checkbook. It’s about raising awareness for the greater good of humanity – non-material wealth and success measurements. I know that currency gets you places, things, and a piece of mind at times, but currency and the greed of it ruins this world and our hearts. It’s time for humans to redefine their own happiness and health.


If you want to contribute your success story or give advice about achieving your true wealth enlightenment, please use the contact form with your message’s subject as “Guest Posting”.

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